Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wacky night out New Albany in the heart of the come to city.

UPDATE: We now have the information, and it is here.

This invitation appeared on my Fb feed last night.

We're excited to host our first Night Out New Albany event on Friday, May 9 from 5 - 8 pm.

Plan to spend the evening in our beautiful, historic district of Downtown New Albany. Explore all of the wonderful shops, art galleries and restaurants as well as businesses new to our community and our iconic ones.

Grab your friends and family - plan to shop, dine and stay with us in Downtown New Albany!

As to the source of "we," you know as much as me.

I'd point out only that when it comes to dining and drinking, Friday's already the busiest night of the week, and one typically needing little promotion.

We get banners without the conceptual participation of businesses; Come to City without the conceptual participation of businesses; Wacky Wednesdays without the conceptual participation of businesses ... anyone notice a recurring pattern?

Why must it always be a secret until the moment of the unveiling, and never the result of togetherness and unity of concept?

But maybe Night Out New Albany will be the exception.

I'm tired.

No one ever listens, anyway.

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