Sunday, April 06, 2014

Rant: On design committees and old fartedness.

There needs to be a new rule.

For any “design” committee of any local organization that purports to be doing something remotely civic, or “for the community” – especially when accepting public money in any form – and also having 50% of its members over the age of 50, all of the committee’s “design” decisions must be presented to a Youth Committee of randomly selected teenagers and young adults, so that the old folks can have their latest solemn masterpieces of 1960s-era Readers Digest respectability publicly mocked before foisting them on the rest of us.

It rankles this 53-year-old realist that so often, persons my age or older make "design" decisions bound inexorably by their past-date stylistic prejudices. They may be volunteers, and they may be working hard ... but working hard isn't the same as working smart, and working "old" is even worse.

Just saying.

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