Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just your basic everyday "planned" occurrence on Spring Street -- right, John?

As the East Main Street Deforestation Project progresses, we're seeing more and more of these.

The truck was moving so quickly that even after spotting it a block away, I almost was unable to squeeze off an iPhone image before it passed. Contrast the hurtling steel overkill on a residential streets with the quaint poignancy of that bike lane in the foreground, of which John "My Way IS the Highway, So Long As It Is Your Street and Not Mine" Rosenbarger was so inordinately proud when recounting his many lifetime planning achievements at the FAN Fair earlier this year.

Of course, it's the second of two bike lanes, both pointed in exactly the same direction on opposite sides of a one-way arterial street intended to enable this truck's excessive speed, and to utterly defeat livability in a neighborhood in desperate need of federal stabilization funding -- bike lanes leading from nothing, to nothing, as enabled by the nothingness of the third England Doug regime.

Think of this truck at 50 mph on an unenforced street as the cascading storm water eroding one's nice garden plot, and thus washing away any megabuck efforts at stabilization, and then ask yourself this question: Is it really the sort of photo you'd point to as evidence of your career achievement?

Ah, the blessings of one-party rule.

By the way, are there any?

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