Tuesday, April 08, 2014

In which it is revealed that the farmers market expansion will be delayed a year pending further review.

As reported by the News and Tribune's Daniel Suddeath, via Twitter, during Monday evening's city council meeting.

Here's his newspaper coverage, with councilman Blair providing the accurate summary:

Councilman Scott Blair said it would be wise for the city to wait until a street and walkability study is conducted this summer before moving ahead with the farmers market project.

It isn't so much that the "right" thing happened, as the "dubious" one was avoided. But at this point, a win's a win. No one is hurt by the farmers market operating for another season as it has before, at the current location. We all might be helped by extra time in which to clarify the farmers market's ultimate best framework. Too much time and energy was spent on the recent, needless debate. Maybe this will serve to sharpen the debate next time around. A boy can dream ... even in New Albany.

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