Monday, April 07, 2014

DNA scoop: We'd tout Wal-Mart if it paid membership dues.

The only reason for bringing this up another time is that a year ago, Develop New Albany expressed a willingness to be the comprehensive information consolidator and disseminator for all downtown non-profits, organizations and presumably, businesses. I heard it with my own two ears.

Since then, it apparently was decided to construct what amounts to a reverse paywall by requiring membership in DNA to generate social media touts. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with that, apart from it contradicting DNA's previous stated aim to be inclusive. As revealed in the Fb exchange below (note the abrupt shift in tone from the real estate agent Fb poster in the first reply to someone real in the second and third), it also means that Wal-Mart now ranks as highly as the Frenchman in DNA's strange reckoning -- and that's highly disturbing. If DNA purports to be about downtown, then the Frenchman beats Wally World, every single time.

One gets the impression that DNA's tiny core of decision-makers don't always think these things out. And that's why I bring it up. If DNA's community "services" are to become pay/membership based, one can argue that the organization then disqualifies itself from being official or even semi-official in any capacity, insofar as city funding is concerned, or city sanction. It's just another non-profit, and should not pretend to be otherwise.

Now, can DNA explain to us how those Pillar aware winners are determined? The Green Mouse says there isn't an election, just selection over coffee. True or false?


Roger A. Baylor 
Give 'em a hand, folks. At least this one's in New Albany.

Develop New Albany 
Yes, we share Schuler Bauer because they are a member of ours.

Roger A. Baylor
Thanks for replying. Could you take this opportunity to update readers on the posting policy for DNA at Fb? Who can participate? Who cannot? What are the criteria? Are you still deleting some comments and discussions? If WalMart joined DNA, would you share its messages, too? Thanks again for replying.

Jameson Bledsoe
I personally don't know who's administering DNA's FB page, but helping promote available New Albany properties is a great idea, and an idea that should go beyond just Schuler Bauer, especially since DNA receives tax support. There needs to be a link on DNA's website linking to

Develop New Albany wrote: 
Hi Roger what we did with our Facebook page was make it an outlet for our members to post specials and things about their business. Our office administer friends their page then she copies them to our page anyone should be able to comment on them because that is what we are doing now. We fixed the problem with comments and discussions being deleting I hope. Yes if WalMart joined we would post their items if they wanted us to because this is a perk of being a Develop New Albany member, I do not see them becoming a member but at least their membership money would help our other fellow members which to me is not bad if they are willing. We have our website area under the polling section for anyone and everyone to comment and are always looking for questions to post, please let us know what you would like us to poll and we will post it (within reason please)! Thank you for inquiring.

Develop New Albany
Hi Jameson not sure what tax support we receive? Our funds come from membership and some grants that we have been approved for, I will have to check if there are other sources - thank you.

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