Friday, May 10, 2013

Audit those Crutchfields, or at least use them for paving stones.

What was that?

The city's now the number one lien holder on the Crutchfield mercenary coffee table door stop tome?

Oh, wait; that was Linden Meadows. The Crutchfield lien holder is the Redevelopment Commission, right? We don't really know, do we? I mean, the big kids said we shouldn't ask.

Meanwhile, credit to my friend Mark for succinctly summarizing Bicentennial Gate. Isn't if funny how for once, Dan Coffey says he has all the information he needs ... and yet he's not sharing any, is he?

Iamhoosier left a new comment on your post "Council still snoozing as Meginity asks for a Bicentennial Commission audit.": 

I don't personally know most of the principals involved in this "dispute". I do know that there has been no public accounting of funds and darn little other information about the committee's operation.

While I don't suspect any "pocket lining" to have gone on, it does appear that proper accounting and management techniques have not been used. We deserve some answers. 

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