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Nash on Clere Channel billboards: Erika goes for Matt's groin, but not before pausing for an unfiltered Chesterfield.

Erika's hopping mad. In fact, he/she/it is so distracted by bile and intemperance that those crucial daily meds yet again have gone unswallowed, and Freedom to Screech now imagines itself as Ed Clere's press agent, with Mr. Denschak herself grabbing marquee billing.

Mr. Clere would like a swift and visceral response to this nonsense.

And exactly what nonsense might it be this time -- of course, apart from the hilarity  of Erika's own split-gendered trognonymity?

Well, it's about signs, signs, everywhere the signs, during which Rep. Clere ranks political free speech above increased local taxes (i.e., future bridge tolls) in the campaign lexicon, while others (Clarksville) view the resulting steroidal yard sign proliferation with alarm. Two weeks ago, NAC provided relevant background:

Size matters, and obviously, it depends on what the meaning of "and" and.

With a perfectly straight face, I offer the newspaper's text in its entirety .. just imagine if there were another New Albany-based columnist (in addition to the versatile, provocative Matt Nash) to explicate such stories -- you know, to provide differing interpretations. As Tug McGraw once noted, "Ya Gotta Believe."

As for the possible fine, the case of Keith Henderson's legal fees provides a useful precedent. Merely submit the bill to Darin Coddington. He will pay, and commissioners Bush and Seabrook will provide cover. Case closed.

Darned if Our Man Matt didn't make this inexplicably discarded ex-columnist proud and tackle the issue, head on, and to the dismay of Clere Channel fluffers everywhere.

Atta boy, Matt; I always knew you could clamber over those skeletons in your scion "closest" and hit the bullseye, dead center.

NASH: The signs are all around, by Matt Nash ('Bama Pensioner Nuggets)

 ... This year, a local politician was notified that his political signs were too large based on an ordinance that was passed and that they needed to be removed. Instead of having the signs taken down, State Rep. Ed Clere left the signs where they were until the election was over.

Now that he has won the election, he is facing a fine for not removing the signs. According to the report in the News and Tribune, he believes that the ordinance only applies to political signs placed in the right of way, but the town disagrees.

Mr. Clere also believes that he is being singled out for political reasons, but two other local politicians were notified that their signs violated the law and they both chose to correct the problem immediately. Mr. Clere believes that the law didn’t pertain to him and even if it did he was quoted as saying, “I would argue that there still needs to be a high level of protection for political speech.”

Why does he believe that political speech is more important that any other speech? No where in the U.S. Constitution is one form of speech given any preference over another.

At this point, heads begin exploding as The Italian (nut)Job enters the room.


 ... What is the real issue here? The local newspaper appears to be trying to silence the voice of this public servant simply because he is a Republican, and they're stomping on him for good measure ...

 ... You Sir, Mr. Nash write a column while sitting around with your local beer drinking buddies and do nothing but think of ways to bully others.

What has happen to fair and balance journalism?

Let's allow an expert on fair and "balance" journalism to make the call on the strength of Erika's bleating.

But every now and then, Erika manages to get it right: "We are NOT journalists and neither is Matt Nash." That's why it's the opinion page, my dear.

The last word goes to "Dan", who is awash in Astroglide and delusion amid the comments at the newspaper's web page.

(Clere's) doing a fine job, and he's not in the hip pocket of those who have had local power in their grubby paws for far too many years.

Dan, your door prize of bourbon balls and kitty litter can be redeemed at the alley exit, and what's more, you'll be delighted to learn that Kerry Stemler, the Bridges Non-Authority, 1Si, our saintly departing Daniels and the US Chamber of Commerce all agree with you 110% ... and $2 per ride.

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