Monday, November 05, 2012

Who I'm voting for, against, and in spite of.

It cracks me up: As an independent business owner writing a personal blog, I'm abused and threatened for running a Dennis Roudenbush ad in the top right-hand corner; meanwhile, there's been a Steve Bush yard sign in front of the corporate chain Pizza Hut for weeks, and that's just peachy.

It just goes to show the lengths to which the GOP chickens queuing to vote for Colonel Sanders will go to get to sleep at night. Stronger drink might help bring about unconsciousness, but so long as you're opting for Bud Light, you simply can't get there from here.

Here are my ballot choices for tomorrow. Omitted races imply nothing except editorial laziness. Vote and drink early and often, and remember: Tuesday is ELECTOR DAY. In Indiana, that means ALL DAY long.

Federal and State

Obama ... you know what I think, but here's an insightful endorsement at the New Albanist blog: Don’t Ever Assume

Donnelly ... he's a bit right for my taste, but that;s okay, because the alternative is too Goebbelsian to contemplate

Gregg ... ditto, but Pence may actually fall to the right of Mourdock in terms of social policy regression


Ritz ... I'd vote for a gourd, condom, discarded taco wrapper or junkyard dog before I'd vote for Bennett

Yoder ... it's all about policy positions, and hers are solid. Have you ever seen a candidate work that hard?


Grabowski ... although it should be noted that if the Democratic party is serious about unseating Clere, this ain't the way to git 'er done.


School board: Cotner for sure. Dooley over Gardenour. And, although I know nothing whatsoever about Gauntt, he's not from here (always a bonus) and his opponent seems to be situated fairly far to the right

Call me prickly, but I will not vote for any candidate who can't bother to return the newspaper's survey form, given that it's about the only way (albeit scant) for locals to learn of the candidates' positions. This means no Brad Striegel, no Larry Clemons ... and while we're at it, I just might boycott the county council race entirely until one of them admits to his or her complicity in the chronic underfunding of the parks, rather than make excuses

Freiberger over Matthews, and Roudenbush over Bush for commissioner

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John Manzo said...

Something about Shelli Yoder that I personally find impressive. With all the negative (deservedly) attention that religious influences have, and often discriminatory positions which seem to come from people who profess to be people of faith, there is another side to this. Shelli is very much a product of that little spoken of group, the Religious Left. She was educated at Vanderbilt Divinity School and served as a pastor of a United Church of Christ congregation near Nashville. While she does not maintain ministerial credentials at this time, (to my knowledge) many of her positions are very reflective of a person of faith who happens to be a part of the Religious Left. I've rarely been this enthusiastic about a candidate as I am her.