Friday, November 16, 2012

Taxation thread at Facebook, and a newspaper columnist vacancy.

It probably will not surprise you to learn that my attitude toward Facebook has been one of highly personalized agitprop. Yesterday, I linked to my Thursday column, and wrote this:

‎Jeff Gillenwater wants to bid secessionists farewell. I believe secessionists should follow their own advice (to me) and move elsewhere. In Europe, secessionists want out of their countries, but not the EU. Clearly, we're all secessionists now.

Every now and then, a good discussion breaks out, and such was the case yesterday. As sometimes occurs, the topic shifted, in this instance to taxation, tax rates and tax reform. The thread still is going as Friday breaks:


Speaking of columns, Debbie Harbeson has written her last essay for the News and Tribune.

Ending my current relationship with this paper does not mean I will stop writing though, particularly since writing helps me learn and grow. I will probably be writing for more specific audiences — people who already understand and share similar underlying philosophies.

Well, it's the perfect timing for a Beer Money (2009-2011) newspaper column comeback. Never have the troglodytes been more annoyed as during my tenure crafting weekly impenetrable satire. Coach K, too.

I'm tanned, rested, ready and completely rehabbed: No PEDs, EPOs and HGHs are to be found in my urine sample ... though IPA, well, that's another matter.

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