Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mai's Thai is offering a cooking class on January 5, and we'll be there.

Arguably, the Onion Restaurant and Tea Room at exurb's edge on Charlestown Road is the finest Asian place in New Albany. Hing Wang's greasy spoon Chinese fast food takeout menu is a great household favorite, and enticingly soon, Dragon King's Daughter will be bringing some crazy and creative sushi fusion to within yards of Bank Street Brewhouse. We're eager to see (and taste) it.

Meanwhile, it remains that if I could lure Mai's Thai from Jeffersonville to downtown New Albany, I'd do so in the proverbial heartbeat. Nothing disparaging can be said about a cuisine with fish sauce at its heart, and Mai's consistency with her Thai specialties over the years is unquestioned. Mai's within walking distance would be a dangerous thing, indeed.

We dropped in the other night for red curry and Thai-style hot and sour soup, and noticed that one of Mai's cooking classes is on the horizon: Saturday, January 5, beginning at 11:00 a.m. ... and just like that, we selected our first holiday gift of the season in the form of a two-person enrollment. The price of $35 per person includes three hours of instruction and a buffet meal. Consider joining us in the fun, and if you sign up, tell 'em Roger sent you.

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