Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fetter, Clarksville council remain on the right side of anti-tolling history.

Paul Fetter keeps rocking, and all I can do is thank him. It was my intention to ask our Councilman Bob Caesar what he thinks about principles such as those espoused by Fetter, but CeeSaw was busy fluffing oligarchs and thus unavailable for comment. The designer knee pads are a nice touch, though.

Clarksville establishes fund to fight tolls, by Matt Koesters (N and T)

CLARKSVILLE — The Clarksville Town Council unanimously voted to contribute $10,000 to a legal fund to fight proposed tolls on the new downtown bridge and the Kennedy Bridge at its meeting Monday meeting.

The tolls will have a huge negative impact on the businesses and residents of Clarksville, said Councilman Paul Fetter, who brought the motion to establish the defense fund before the council. Fetter said that a study conducted by the Indiana Finance Authority predicted that over a 30-year period, bridge tolls would create a negative impact of $7.5 billion along the Interstate 65 corridor.

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