Friday, July 06, 2012

Robin Garr: "Let’s Say “Bonjour” To Louis Le Français."

As an addendum, note this Facebook message about the Frenchman's Bastille Day plans:

Louis says: Happy July 4th to everyone! We will be open for dinner tonight. And don't forget Independence Day for France. We will be celebrating on the 15th of July with roast beef sandwiches, rotisserie lamb, chicken, mashed potatoes, and more. Fun for everyone! Vive la France!


Let’s Say “Bonjour” To Louis Le Français

 | July 3, 2012 0 Comments
I know this may seem an odd thing to say about an eatery in New Albany, but it’s true: A visit to Louis Le Français comes  surprisingly close to dining in France.
How authentic is it?  Here’s how: I decided to give my limited language skills a workout by ordering a dish in French. “I’ll have the Crêpes aux Epinards, please,” I chirped, properly gargling my Rs and liaisoning the preposition so it came out something like “Khwehpp O’Zehpeenagghh.” I beamed, anticipating high praise for my tourist-French accent.
“Spinach crepes,” the friendly Francophone server chirped right back, restoring  the conversation to  English.
Funny, this always happens to me in Paris, too.

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Jeff Gillenwater said...

Now I have to start a rotisserie lamb countdown.