Monday, July 23, 2012

Big mushy wet kisses for NABC Nation.

Judging from the stack of empty kegs (not a Bud Light in the pile), I'd say that somewhere in excess of 1,000 celebrants gathered by the riverside yesterday. There were significant numbers of families present throughout the day, and the children's area was busy. The music was uniformly excellent. I realize that there wasn't enough food, but that's the very hardest part to plan, and we'll do better next time.

NABC long has been interested in promoting musical events at the Riverfront Amphitheater, and so yesterday was a bit of a dry run for future considerations. Perhaps those of like mind can work together in 2013.

Simply stated, heartfelt thanks to everyone who celebrated 25 Years of Beer and Loathing with us yesterday, but thanks most of all to our customers, who have supported NABC's various incarnations for a quarter-century. You are part of a community of diverse interests and backgrounds, but a shared purpose, and you rock.

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