Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More on the New Albany Bicentennial Public Art Project.

Following is a note from Julie Schweitzer, director of the New Albany Bicentennial Public Art Project. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make the breakfast, but NABC's Bank Street Brewhouse remains on board with our end of the project's first round this year, described as:

"An interactive sculpture that represents the history or bars and taverns in New Albany."


Dear Supporters,

The New Albany Public Art Project Breakfast was a fabulous success! There was also another excellent article about the project in the Tribune on Sunday morning, please take a look.

Multi-phase art project builds awareness to city’s history; 20 sculptures to be completed by 2013, by Farrah Johnson

We would like to thank our hosts and project partners Sally Newkirk and Karen Gillenwater at the Carnegie Center for Art and History, and Mike Ladd, Director of New Albany Urban Enterprise Association.

We would also like to thank our benefactor Jerry Finn of the Horseshoe Foundation of Southern Indiana, and sponsors Steve Kozarovich, Publisher and Executive Editor, for their continued support of the project. Steve has committed to printing and distributing a color project catalogue for all four years of the project. Special thanks to Professor Richard Kopp at Purdue University College of Technology in New Albany , along with faculty and students for creating our exhibit signage and developing a collaborative project with our artists. This enthusiasm is what makes all the difference in the success of this project. I am sure that good things will continue to materialize from the relationships formed and nurtured by your participation.

Below are the themes for the 2010/11 Public Art Project. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a work of art or be more involved in the project. You can view our donor levels and associated benefits on our

2010 – 2011 Industry and Agriculture

• Automotive – Manufacture and Sales

• Newspaper – Publishing and Printing

• Metal – Foundries, Blacksmiths and Decorative arts

• Tanneries and Textiles

• Farming, Markets, and Grain Mills -

• Boxes, Baskets, and Clay - sponsor Noelle and Mike Gohmann

• Banking -

I would be happy to discuss opportunities for you to become a part of the project, and welcome your ideas as well. This project promises to gain national attention and will highlight New Albany as a cutting edge cultural attraction for visitors to our community. We appreciate your continued support of this project.


R. Mutt said...

I'm also sorry that you couldn't be there. We had a great crowd and an overwhelmingly positive response! Here's a teaser for you all. Leticia Bajuyo, the artist who is creating the piece that will be installed at the brewhouse needs about 1,000 empty beer bottles (mostly brown, but also green and clear). Contributions can be dropped off at the Carnegie Center anytime.

The New Albanian said...

How widely can I tout this? Maybe we can habe a "bring bottles" promo at Bank Street?

R. Mutt said...

That would be great. If we can plan something, I bet she'll come in town for it. I know Randy's planning a collection as well.