Sunday, November 16, 2008

Freedom to Screech's attack on the YMCA: A sewer runs through her.

In pursuing the perpetually challenging act of wrapping the arms of an unfortunate gnat around the microscopic phenomenon known locally as Freedom to Screech (Yellow), it helps to know that the blog’s trognonymous and comically transgendered poseur has never permitted comments, thus conveniently putting the lie to any notion of interest in anything approximating an exchange of ideas.

Consequently, I can’t answer her questions there (YMCA), so I’ll do so here.

Did the YMCA give away FREE BEER at the recent reception?

No, the YMCA didn’t. I did. Strictly speaking, I served New Albanian Brewing Company beer that had been purchased by a private citizen who wished to donate it to the reception. Cognizant of my professional responsibilities, I actually “carded” one person who looked too young. He was 25. Roughly 75 cups of beer were poured for a crowd estimated at 400 people, but of course, there also was local wine being given away, too – and this is something Erika’s informants (a former councilman and his wife, no doubt) presumably failed to note, unless they feel that the Bible permits wine at health and fitness facilities but frowns on beer, in which case they’d have to explain what the Bible has to do with any of it.

Who approved (the) beer bar to be set up at the YMCA?

Judging from the numerous officials who thanked me for bringing the beer, I’m guessing that the YMCA’s management approved the arrangement. No one expressed dismay or asked me to leave, for the possible reason that adults who made the YMCA possible attended the reception without wearing paper sacks over their heads like Erika does on a daily blogging basis. Wouldn’t phoning the YMCA and asking be the best way for the blogger to know who approved the beer?

Alas, just like her perpetually unquestioning council idols, Dan Coffey and Steve Price, Erika knows that innuendo and grandstanding presumably are more likely to scratch an adolescent oppositionist itch than asking the proper person and learning the correct answer. Coffey’s dysfunctional, but at least he doesn’t hide behind a mask.

What image is this for our children and teenagers?

If by “image” Erika is referring to her own anonymity, the presence at the reception of anti-YMCA activist and former councilman Bill Schmidt, and the churlish behavior of former council kingpin Larry Kochert, who also attended in spite of his strident opposition to the project, then yes, each of them is a pretty bad image, indeed.

Looking at it another way, since it’s unlikely that Kochert will ever set foot again inside a building that by its very existence provides abundant refutation of his tragicomic and underachieving council career … I suppose it’s a wash in terms of imagery. King Larry’s rotten example to the youthful populace is erased by the good one offered in the form of the YMCA, and the city finally escapes a ruinous legacy of ward heeling at the expense of the commonweal.

"Kids, come on down to the YMCA. Swim, workout and have a BEER."

As for “kids,” surely Erika knows that it is illegal to serve minors watery Bud Light, much less the real beer produced at NABC. As for installing a bar with alcoholic beverages in a health and fitness facility, it certainly would be a very European thing to do. Alas, New Albany isn’t remotely European, even if at times the squalor and ignorance bears a striking resemblance to Old Albania, and every attempt to do something about is opposed by the likes of Erika.

Is the YMCA going to apply for a "Downtown Beer License" to set up their BAR?

Probably not, seeing as there’s no such thing as a “downtown beer license,” but hey – facts are a minor impediment to senseless verbiage, right? If they weren’t, Erika wouldn’t have a blogging “career.”

Does their title really mean ... "Young Men's Christian Association?"

According to Wikipedia, it does. Congrats, Erika. You finally got one right. I’ll tune in next year at this time and see if Freedom to Screech and the stopped clock have once again magically coincided.


Bayernfan said...

Sometimes when I read about what people say I just shake my head. There's really nothing I can possibly say about Erica's ignorance. I'll go back to drinking my Hofbrau Dunkel that I purchased from the Newport Hofbrauhaus yesterday and try to forget the stupidity that I've read about today...

Tommy2x4 said...

doesn't she understand that it's important to carbo-load prior to exercise?! i mean, come on people!!! lol...

B.W. Smith said...

What image is this for our children and teenagers?

That adults drink responsibly?