Monday, February 19, 2007

Coming Tuesday: Treet's Bakery & Cafe.

Treet’s Bakery & Cafe, located downtown on Market between Pearl and Bank streets, will be opening for business tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 7:00 a.m. Knowing I'd be leaving town, a few photos were squeezed off late last week. It looks even better now. First, the counter and kitchen area:

Here's the seating area on the east side (facing south, toward the Grand):

Note again the website, where you’ll find a menu: Treet’s Bakery & Cafe. The view from outside has changed considerably since summer, 2006. First is the current "after" view, and then the "before":

Teresa Clancy, whose hubby Dave runs Bistro New Albany across the street (and keeps the Confidential family and many others well fed and watered), is the originator, owner and operator of Treet’s. At this time, I can't tell you exactly what the regular hours will be.

Just check it out, keep looking, reading, and being cognizant of downtown's steadily progressing revitalization.

The naysayers are losing. I'm off for a few days ... Bluegill, have fun.


ceece said...

this looks amazing! I can't wait to try it out! i'll be going for breakfast, anyone else?

CannonFarms said...

Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. Yeah and we will order my Birthday cake from Treet's too tomorrow! Cherry Cake with Cherry Iceing. Sorry Cake Lady, maybe next year Sweet Shop. Honey Creme, I bid you adeu! So long Fried Donuts. Did anyone notice all the coffee decanters in the back ground. I can smell it cooking!

Csd619 said...

Well, I think I know where I will be on friday afternoon when my daughter is in piano lessons across the street!

Richard said...

Not having seen this beforehand, I tried to eat lunch there today. I thought I saw on another website they would be open last Friday. I strolled over to Bistro New Albany instead. I am looking forward to ruining my diet with some fresh baked morsel soon!

ceece said...

I had breakfast there this morning! Two eggs (cooked perfectly over medium!) and toast. and they gave me a sampling of their muffins.

Yum. I took a menu home as I'll undoubtedly be back for more.

The place was gorgeous inside, clean, friendly and looked ready.

By the looks of the tip jar I'd say many other patrons had the same impression I did.

Go and enjoy it guys it's good!

Janelle said...

Some friends and I went to Treet's for lunch and I was really impressed with the food and the atmosphere. The service was a little slow, maybe because it was lunchtime, but the food was well worth the wait! I could definitely tell that a lot of care and preparation went into making my lunch.

I work close by and none of my co-workers had heard of Treet's....was wondering if there were any plans for a permanent sign on the storefront?