Monday, June 12, 2017

Fake facts and disgraceful behavior: Jeff Gahan faced opposition to his public housing putsch, so now he's seeking to discredit NAHA with propaganda.

Breathtaking propaganda, borne of Jeff Gahan's ongoing housing authority property grab.

Has he yet spoken with a single resident?

NAHA Maintenance Issues Brought to Attention of Mayor

Infuriated with those who have had the temerity to question Gahan's trumpsterian assault on public housing, Gahan's dim-pire is striking back with leering grins and innuendo.

Perhaps being compelled to forego the State Senate race is making Deaf all intemperate.

Notice that the press release begins with a triumphant listing of recent measures taken to absorb and demolish the NAHA, such as Gahan's refusal to appoint members to the housing authority's board until he could pack it with drooling sycophants loyal to Gahan (and for that matter, Adam Dickey).

Only then are a handful of photos posted, purporting to depict maintenance issues that probably stem from what was, in effect, Gahan's months-long refusal to cooperate with NAHA's own timetables for maintenance and unit replacement. Reduce them to penury, then attack them for being poor.

Can someone -- anyone -- explain to us how Gahan is a Democrat?

Of course, the only transparent act Gahan's ever committed is doing whatever he can contrive to discredit former NAHA director Bob Lane, which is the best reason for us to surmise that Lane's fighting back since Gahan's handpicked board of servile, bootlicking toadies fired him on Deaf's direct orders.

Typically, by doing so Gahan is slurring every last employee of the housing authority, higher or lower -- but nothing new there for a man whose reputation among ordinary city workers resembles that of Captain Queeg.


How much lower can Gahan sink?

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Iamhoosier said...

Great comparison with Captain Queeg. Only difference is, this Queeg has a crew that just keeps saying, "Thank you Sir! May I have another?"