Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Top Ten posts at NA Confidential for July, 2016.

Goodbye, Bob.
Thanks for reading NA Confidential, where we annoyingly burrow beneath the headlines to offer unique local perspectives. July was yet another fine month in terms of blog traffic, and the posts highlighted here attest to a keen interest in local stories, perhaps because they're not being served elsewhere (paging Bill Hanson).

For as long as we've been compiling "top ten" lists, these statistics have remained somewhat constant. Formerly the rankings forming these lists were based on what I believed, mistakenly or otherwise, to be unique hits.

Perhaps this is an archaic concept, and speaking personally, I'm about as non-technical as a blogger can be, but the long and short of it is that at some point, something changed. It may have to do with a new definition of comprehensive "stats" as defined by Google.

I really don't know, and it doesn't matter very much, because it's easy to see that the busier a post at the Facebook portal, the higher the numbers here. The proportions are the same, and that's good enough for me.

The list begins with ten "honorable mention" posts, before concluding with the Top Ten, escalating to No. 1. The top post for July has become the most-read post in the history of NA Confidential.

It may also be the saddest.

So it goes.




Best essay about walking this year: "People in cars killing and injuring people on foot," or the end of walking.


The quickening pace of exterior transformation at 302 Pearl Street.


FINAL REMINDER: In case you missed the Louisville Magazine feature profile of "a small-town dissident."


Debunking Pascal's Wager, which Christopher Hitchens aptly described as "hucksterism."


From roadway bomb craters to pedestrian death investigations: This morning's Board of Public Works and Safety meeting -- with the undermanned newspaper AWOL.


Fireworks, postponements, and that time last year when he got it right.


ON THE AVENUES: Weeds, porch appliances and our civic Gospel of Appearances.


Apocalypse WOW: Pat McLaughlin thinks toll evaders will stop to shop in New Albany. Jeff Gahan doesn't return calls. Welcome to tolling preparedness, New Albany-style.


Council frivolity, slice of the second part: "Gahan Cares More About Concrete Than People."


Oops, ESNA's done it again ... with this intriguing instance of neighborhood placemaking.



Here are the revised Taco Steve hours of operation.


WITHIN CITY LIMITS: Episode X, A Look Ahead to 2019.


Truth is stranger than fact, and Develop New Albany is hiring.


Spin the enforcement wheel: Three signs, but how many citations?


ON THE AVENUES: An imaginary exercise tentatively called The Curmudgeon Free House.


Sativa Gumbo’s 20th Anniversary Reunion Tops New Albany Indie Fest 2016.


Summit Springs and the torrential stormwater view from the Burger King parking lot.


Wrong-way deer on wrong-way Spring Street in wrong-way city. At least there'll be venison tarts for high tea.


For better or worse, there'll be a brand new auto-centric White Castle at an already dangerous and muddled intersection.


R.I.P. Bob Youngblood, 1943 - 2016.

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