Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pot, meet kettle: Dan Coffey's letter of disassociation with Adam Disney's merry band of ... er ... well ... ?

Them people are "divisive" and "confrontational?" No, Dan, the words I think you're looking for are "formless milquetoasts" (sorry, Shane -- I'll explain it in your column next week).

Coffey disassociates with Dems (letter to the Jeffersonville newspaper)

For the past few years, I have questioned myself on the Democrat Party's direction. Historically, the Democrat Party has been about issues such as fair wages, affordable housing, standing up for people who were unable to do so themselves and the belief in our fundamental rights as individuals.

Unfortunately, the past few years has seen a shift from what the core values once were to a more divisive and confrontational approach that doesn't stand for the values I believe made our country and community strong ... 

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Boilerplate aplenty as Coffey's defection arouses heroic words of meaninglessness from Democratic officials.

Meanwhile, another political party, this one pure and unalloyed, is said to be courting the Copperhead.

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