Thursday, January 14, 2016

If these crime dogs can "smell through the BS,” shouldn't they be at the Redevelopment Commission?

When this post originally was published on January 14, 2016, there was a photo in this space depicting a dog and its handler. On January 25, I received this advisory from

"We have received a DMCA complaint for your blog, NA Confidential. An e-mail with the details of the complaint was sent to you on Jan 25, 2016, and we reset the post status to "Draft"; you can edit it here. You may republish the post with the offending content and/or link(s) removed. If you believe you have the rights to post this content, you can file a counter-claim with us. For more on our DMCA policy, please click here. Thank you for your prompt attention."

I tried to ask exactly what offended, and received nothing in return written in plain English. Having returned to the article linked below, and found that the photo was gone there, it now is my assumption that the photo is the issue. It has been removed.

And now, the original post, censored.


"A unique kind of business has set up shop in New Albany." Of course it has. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Just out of curiosity: This business is located on the 1400 block of East Spring Street. Is this area zoned for kennels? Seems like the sort of thing that would interest a councilman, if ... if ...

Bombs, guns and drugs: Private K-9 unit looks to protect kids from all three, by Caitlin Bowling (Insider Louisville)

TLC K-9, or The Last Chance K-9 Services, is a private security firm. Its goal is to protect children using specially trained German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, according to owner Michael Davis. The dogs, which are trained for 18 months, can sniff out drugs, bombs and guns.

The company’s services include protection services at schools, threat detection at schools and businesses, two types of active shooter training, and drug detection at private residences.

The company started in 2014, but Davis just opened a storefront in the past few months. TLC K-9’s offices serve as the dog’s training ground, and come Feb. 1, the dogs will be housed in a kennel on the property as well.

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