Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Graham Greene, Anthony Burgess and video documentaries about writers.

Burgess and Greene.

Within a previous documentary on BBC Two about the life of Anthony Burgess ...

The Burgess Variations 1/2
The Burgess Variations 2/2

... it is revealed that Burgess and fellow writer Graham Greene lived near each other in Monaco for a brief time late in both their lives.

"I don't think they were on fantastic good terms," says a British talk show host.

Burgess was younger, and he outlived Greene, who was the subject of an Arena documentary profile (below) shortly after his death in 1993. Burgess is called upon as an expert witness, and ceaselessly nitpicks the deceased author's skills as a writer.

It's great fun, and I'm amassing huge lists of books I'll have no time to read -- by the two of them, Greene and Burgess.

For the record: "Arena is a British television documentary series, made and broadcast by the BBC since 1 October 1975." It's on BBC Four, and hundreds of episodes have been produced. The home page is here.

From an instructive blog comes this post: The Graham Greene Trilogy, and YouTube links for the individual episodes (approximately 15 minutes each).

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