Friday, July 10, 2015

Psst, Warren: Two more unaddressed trip hazards in Rarely Walkable NA.

Briefly there was an orange pylon on the northeast side of the intersection, which finally had crosswalk stripes painted two weeks ago, after a decade of neglect by the Bored of Works.

Election year crosswalk paint -- on a one-way street.

Now the pylon is gone, and the trip hazards remain unaddressed. 

I wonder what this excuse will be?


Iamhoosier said...

The same ol', "We have no official written policy". Interpretation: If it fits into our political plans, we may do something about it. Otherwise, see us next Tuesday at 10am.

Randy Smith said...

Not an option

C.S. Drake said...

All things being fair, what about the two bifold signs always placed in the sidewalk in front of BSB in the bump out?
It's not an occasional thing, they are usually able to be seen in the sidewalk near the two way streets now sign lashed to the city parking notice sign.
(Honestly not "trolling" but if your campaign is based on these things, it should be corrected at places your name is associated with)

The New Albanian said...

Never saw them there before I was on leave of absence, eh? It's a perfectly legitimate observation, Chris. Since February, I have no active involvement at NABC, and what you've noticed frustrates me, too. Starting in 2009, I really tried to learn these rules. Shrug. BTW, I've seen other examples of it downtown. Clue: What's the number of ADA feet required for a wheelchair to pass?