Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Election year crosswalk paint -- on a one-way street.

Nope, they don't read what we write.

They just respond to it.

The good news: After NA Confidential's constant reminders to the city over weeks, months and years, that it has a duty to make streets safe for walkers, finally some crosswalk striping is being done.

Is it an election year?

The bad news: Elm, Spring and Market are still running in one direction, not two, and for so long as these streets continue to be one-way, the city is making the streets less safe for walkers from omission. As long as they're running one-way, not two, then all other efforts are being negated, 24 hours each day.

The evidence continues to mount, and City Hall continues to hide ... although it's not the only such failure of nerve.

Gilderbloom on New Albany street mess: One-way streets are bad for neighborhoods and businesses.

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