Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Newspaper's editorial board goes where Dickey, Gahan won't: "New Albany is stuck with Dan Coffey whether residents like him or not."

The Green Mouse reports that several of our city council's members, all theoretically Democratic, discussed the possibility of a motion of censure for Dan Coffey, but none would introduce it for fear of going on the record.

Seeing that it's difficult to imagine even this moderate level of spine, it's probably just a rumor.

But count it among those rumors that match the group's disposition so perfectly that it might as well be true -- not to mention the attendant fear, given City Hall's record of reprisals against dissidents.

The way Jeff Gahan is protecting Coffey is touching, isn't it? Sorry to make waves, but I'll have to keep asking why. Click through the read the entire editorial; better late than never.

OUR OPINION: Voters left with no option over Coffey’s words

Last week’s candidate filing deadline passed with no opponent for New Albany District 1 Councilman Dan Coffey. He didn’t have a foe in the May primary, either.

It’s Coffey who has been pelted with criticism recently for his comments at a June council meeting, when he said his push for the return of public prayer at meetings was fueled by the recent drive for legal rights for “gays, lesbians and transvestites.”

For starters, we believe Coffey meant transgender individuals with that last word, but there’s plenty more with his statement and actions to take issue with.

They’re full of bluster and callousness, but still we support Coffey’s right to speak his mind.

However, his grandstanding on what’s a really a nonissue — the previous format for public prayer at New Albany meetings had never been a problem — and his insensitive words come with consequences, or should.

But what really can be done? His peers on the council could censure him at tonight’s meeting.
Coffey has already declined to apologize for his remarks, and anyone figuring a public scolding is going to change his behavior is a fool.

The people who ultimately control Coffey’s fate are voters.

Refer to the start of this editorial and you’ll see the problem at present. Coffey has waltzed through the 2015 election season, and that’s a shame.

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