Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hold the Roundup, says former stormwater board chairman.

After this morning, it should be as high as a clergyman's eye.
NAC's article here ...

The native habitat of pokeweed, in storm drains, by one-way streets, but hey -- let's go swimming.

 ... inspired this comment from former stormwater board chairman Tim Deatrick. He begins by specifically addressing the photo above.


This is the responsibility of the Storm Water Department. This is clearly neglect and a failure to provide routine maintenance that you, the residents and businesses, are paying storm water fees to take care of.

Back in 2006, when I was chairman of the first Storm Water Board, we contracted out the operation to EMC because essentially the city run program was a disgrace, inefficient and a complete failure. Under our leadership and the professional management by EMC, you did not see weeds growing out of storm grates and there was a concerted and systematic preventative maintenance program in place with full reporting and accountability.

Ask yourself has drainage improved with the city run operation and are you getting your money's worth?

Given the obvious flooding issues that are being so nicely demonstrated by Roger's photographs, I think the answer is a resounding NO!

Yet this Mayor who praised us initially when he was a city councilman, led the council's decision to sue the Board when we privatized the operation, which by the way was a defeat for the council in court as the judge ruled in our favor.

But his city council district got a nice capital improvement project (Castlewood) as soon as Doug England took the helm again. Castlewood was a high priority capital project, but it got bumped up ahead of other areas that rated higher -- can we say political pay off?


As a final comment as to the suggestion that residents who pay fees to keep storm drains clear should buy their own supplies and DIY, this comes from Marcey, my friend and campaign treasurer.

I really don't think the EPA wants us to use Roundup in the storm drains do they? In fact, I believe I remember the city threatened to fine Keep New Albany Clean and Green if they used any weed killer in the downtown area. To be honest, if the streets, curbs and sidewalks were properly maintained this wouldn't be the overwhelming problem that it is in most every neighborhood in New Albany.


Ann said...

No, you shouldn't spray Roundup into or around a storm sewer. I believe I pretty clearly stated 'weedeater and Roundup' when I commented on how I keep our 'sidewalks and copings' clear. I did not suggest anyone spray Roundup into a storm sewer. And while we're on the topic, I think it's a bit much to be complaining about how weedy things are now. With all the rain we've had, it's practically impossible to keep up with or control weed growth. Even on East Main Street, with our new sidewalks, there are weeds growing in them.

ecology warrior said...

You miss the whole point Ann, the weeds coming out of a storm grate is symbolic and indicative of the failed program under Gahan, just look around the city whenever it rains.

Ann said...

I'm definitely not missing the point. Drainage and flooding have been problems in New Albany since I started paying attention and that's been a long time. It's unrealistic to lay the fault solely upon the current administration. What does make sense is to call the problems to their attention, in the same way you'd want to be approached, and that's not via name-calling and 'funny' photos. That simply creates animosity. Roger walked over from Spring Street with a watering can. I walked over from Main Street with a garden shears. The offending pokeweed is now gone.

ecology warrior said...

Maybe a magical storm water stop sign would take care of it.