Saturday, July 26, 2014

You'll know it's City Hall when a bunch of people are standing outside smoking.

On Thursday there was a crew working here ...

... and another one here, in the middle.

Why suddenly does there seem to be the end to decades of neglect? The official answers are here:

Reisz Furniture Building: Cautious optimism?

... if the city DOES wish to (a) ever do something, and (b) take ever credit for doing something, that certain something should be two-way "completed" streets downtown, as soon as possible, over Caesar's sedated, bound and gagged body if necessary, because a modernized street grid for all users is the one way that the the city can help ALL the downtown stakeholders, and not merely some of them.

But wait: Maybe the city actually is doing something in this instance. Is the developer moving forward, at least in part, owing to an assurance that when finished, the Reisz's offices will be leased by the city, to become a new City Hall?

This would make sense, given that downtown's two most valued recreational areas lie close at hand: The YMCA, as well as the spa we dare not speak the name of, aloud, for fear of the backlash.

What's going on in the backroom, anyway?

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