Thursday, May 01, 2014

This spa may, or it may not, be the place for facials.

Every now and then, the spa (face value for NAC; not "spa," at least just yet) on the ground floor of the formerly swanky Merchants Nation Bank Building on the corner of Pearl and Main oozes back to the surface.

Being hardened cynics here, we've tended to ignore the spa, although once we advocated for its recuperative qualities in an article supporting the adaptive reuse of the rapidly decaying Reisz Furniture structure as seniors housing, a proposal defeated by Councilman CeeSaw because pensioners tend to buy too few diamonds.

In passing, the spa also was mentioned in this space on February 6, 2012:

Kevin Zurschmiede's housing resolution: It's all about the right type of person, isn't it?

 ... And, most importantly: What does the Asian health spa on the corner of Pearl and Main have to do with all this? Does it charge less for low-income persons than others?

Isn't the spa the fulcrum of this whole case?

Yesterday, Marcey Wisman-Bennett had this to say on Facebook, and a lively discussion was prompted.

Okay, I just have to throw this out there, because the more I think about it the more it bothers me. Last night I was walking past to the 24 hr. "Spa" on the corner of Pearl and Main and I glanced in the window of the establishment. Right there in the lobby of this business was a television CLEARLY playing pornography. Everyone in town knows that this place is not a legitimate spa. The business next door clearly hears sex noises through the thin walls (and) they openly play porn on their lobby TV with the blinds open. So, why can't the New Albany, Floyd County, State police shut this place down?

Oops; Marcey used the quotation marks on "spa." Is it or isn't it? According to Marcey, the game plan is to appear next Tuesday before the Board of Works and argue the case.

My suggestion is this:

Tell 'em that Clean and Green has placed a planter in the lobby of the spa. They'll be battering down the doors in no time flat.

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