Friday, July 04, 2014

July 4 on July 3 was a great success.

They gathered atop New Albany's prize-winning facsimile of an abandoned coastal defense installation to watch the Juice Box Heroes, the Louisville Crashers and the fireworks. The weather was ideal, and it was a huge and well-behaved crowd.

What interests me is that three years ago, when NABC first licensed and worked the July 3 event, our draft beer was outsold roughly 4 - 1 in favor of mass market lager. Last night, the ratio was 2 - 1, which represents obvious shift in the context of a generalized audience. Perhaps good beer really can conquer the world.

The amphitheater could be a very good thing for New Albany. We need only consider how to make it more usable on an everyday basis, as opposed to a "special" time once or twice a year. As last night's event showed, give people a good reason to come to the amphitheater, and the levee is no impediment.

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Marcey said...

Maybe one day they will get someone down there that really knows how to use what they have to build a great stage. That concrete pad is just a foundation people.