Wednesday, July 09, 2014

City of New Albany reveals exciting new plan for the Coyle property on Spring Street.



As regular reader M perceptively notes, how can New Albany maintain its reputation as Truck Through City without the quality-of-life, speed-past amenity voted number one by readers of Trucking World magazine?

Namely, a truck stop!

And could there be a better property for a mid-city truck stop than the abandoned Coyle property? After all, it fronts on BOTH major downtown through routes used by heavy trucks: Spring Street and Elm Street. Sure, the old building is historically significant, but as we've seen elsewhere ...

I can see the press release:

"Hah! This proves we have an economic development plan for downtown. Not only is having our own urban truck stop an innovative step -- bet Jeff Speck never thought of it -- but it will help us add living wage, high-tech jobs at the likes of J & J Pallet and QRS Recycling."

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