Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Street sweeping begins on April Fool's Day. Selective enforcement? That's every day.

On which side of the green line do you park?

Trouble is, no one  -- board of works, police or politicians -- will tell us where to draw the green line that demarcates enforcement and non-enforcement.

If you live on my house's side of the line, tickets are issued for blocking the street sweeper. If you live on the other side, nearer the epicenter, where parking is so crucially important that we've removed all value from it, you'll receive no ticket for leaving your car in the same spot the remainder of the summer.

Always remember: Doug England established this precedent of selective non-enforcement. If and when he runs for mayor again, ask him why he did it and how on earth it helps to have tickets one place and not in another, when no one knows which spot is which.

And then there's this: Why is selective enforcement still the policy of the Gahan administration, which in large measure came into being owing to disgruntlement with Hizzoner's third term?

There is April Fool's Day, and then there's every other day of the year. The punch line: When it comes to selective enforcement, every day is the same, and we're all fools for tolerating it.

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