Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mission Pedestrian: "Our mission is to improve the pedestrian environment in Santa Cruz."

The web site of Mission Pedestrian (Santa Cruz CA) includes the classic Declaration of Pedestrian Rights, but it goes considerably further than that. For resident New Albanians, it's a model for action; the introductory "Who we are" reminds us of the importance of clear, concise mission statements. Just imagine if Develop New Albany spent more time doing this, and less time touting real estate in outlying areas. Although I've linked to this site previously, reminders never hurt.

Mission Pedestrian

Who we are

Mission Pedestrian is an organization of residents, business people, and neighbors who live and work in Santa Cruz. We support safe, comprehensive, convenient, accessible and attractive pedestrian travel ways.

We believe vibrant business districts and livable neighborhoods facilitate foot traffic between businesses and between homes and businesses. Our mission is to improve the pedestrian environment in Santa Cruz.

We encourage you to use this web site to arm yourself with useful information, voice your opinions, share ideas, and build a strong, supportive, pedestrian advocacy community here in Santa Cruz.

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