Sunday, April 27, 2014

Joey's Song: How do those fools survive?

To the Kroger employee named Joey, who mistakenly thought my name is "Bubba,"dealing as he was so utterly tactlessly with the Japanese woman last Thursday morning, permit me to reiterate what I told you in person:

Listen, douchebag, if someone doesn't understand English very well, saying precisely the same thing, just far more loudly than before, tends NOT to work. She won't understand you any better or more quickly when you're yelling, which you were, in spite of your sniveling denials to the contrary.

While we're at it, if you call me "Bubba" again, I may take away your Lite beer and Cheetos, and send you to your room.

Lastly, your opinion of what constitutes good barbecue is both idiotic and execrable -- and the indie BBQ joint owner who was incredulous as you told him this was laughing at your cluelessness.

How do fools like Joey survive?

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