Saturday, April 12, 2014

How many of those Bicentennial paving stones/seat cushions/white bread cookbooks are left unsold, anyway?

The Green Mouse was fairly lit at the time, but he thinks he heard Bob "CeeSaw" Caesar talking mayoral politics, in the sense of asking around, probing, seeking input into possible candidates to support against the sitting mayor come 2015.

If true, the first OLL (out-loud laugh) comes right here.


To begin, there's an implicit presumption that CeeSaw's support in any political race, from precinct toilet scrubber all the way to the third floor, is worth something. During a political career predicated on self-gratification, that's unlikely. You have to give to get, Bob.

Then there's the fact that CeeSaw, who often boasts of his fiscal rectitude, has voted with Jeff Gahan most of the time since Gahan took office. Is Caesar falling off the 63% bandwagon because of the mere possibility that someday, the counter-productive one-way street conveying impulse diamond shoppers to his front door might bring the exact same customers from two directions instead of one?

(That's right. He believes this to be a bad thing)

Rest assured, there'll be challengers to Gahan by the time we limp into 2015. A far better question for the here and now is this:

Can we find someone to knock out CeeSaw in the 2nd? 

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