Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boomtown Ball & Festival details: Of bands, businesses and beers.

For those who've been asking about the music at Boomtown Ball, this graphic released by the city provides a list of performers.

Among the details implied by "more" will be adult libations (beer, wine drinks) with NABC and other downtown drinks purveyors, as well as something quite important that keeps getting lost: By moving the original site plan to the farmers market (remember, temporary alcohol serving areas must be fenced in) and keeping Pearl and the block of Market (by The Grand) open, those year-round local businesses occupying these prime addresses have the choice of being open for business on the 25th, and being part of the fun.

There are two meetings scheduled this coming week: Merchants confab on Tuesday, and drinks purveyors on Wednesday. At both of these gatherings, a prime topic of discussion will be how to make localism as much a part of the Boomtown event as humanly possible, both on the day of the show itself and the week preceding it (Houndmouth Week, or some such).

Boomtown concept originators Houndmouth (the band) and the city of New Albany are correct in imagining that it will be a well-attended festival. It took a bit of tweaking to bring the concept into focus, and all parties involved deserve credit for listening and adapting along the way. As such, Sunday the 25th of May is the ideal opportunity to show off what we have to offer all of the time, in addition to the Boomtown-only program, and any such effort simply must be led by the merchants and food and drink purveyors themselves.

I believe it is going to be a good event, and the run-up starts now.

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