Friday, January 24, 2014

Look out your window at the one-way street, while absorbing this: "The Government Is Really Bad at Predicting Americans' Driving Habits."

Follow the link for the full grandeur. In essence, the miscalculated uppermost lines are the basis of various excuses to build two unneeded bridges, and in turn, are just as likely to preface calculations aimed at preserving New Albany's antiquated one-way street grid. That's because the same old faces doing the studies tend toward the accepted miscalculations, as above, which are more profitable for all concerned than actual truth. Thus, dysfunction is perpetuated amid shrugs that "after all, the numbers don't lie."

Except they do.

What was that?

This is just now coming to your attention?

The Government Is Really Bad at Predicting Americans' Driving Habits, by Emily Badger (The Atlantic Cities)

... What's startling about this latest chart isn't the difference between that thick black line and the 2010 projection. It's the fact that the government seems to have made the exact same miscalculation repeatedly, and despite growing evidence that something quite different is going on. These projections also aren't wobbling off course years after they were first produced (no one expects a prognosticator to perfectly predict what will happen 10 or 20 years from now). They've turned out to be grossly inaccurate sometimes months after their release.

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