Sunday, December 01, 2013

Beach Blanket Bridges Boondoggle: "Then they handed if off to the tolling authority."

Gotta quote Bluegill on this one:

"I and many others in that crushed grassroots have written about it extensively but, If you want to start getting a sense of our broader rep v.v. the bridges project, check the comments on this article."

But Nicolae Ceaușescu -- boy, wouldn't he have adored the Bridges Boondoggle?

Grassroots Efforts “Crushed” by Louisville’s $2.6 Billion Bridge Boondoggle, by Angie Schmitt (DC.STREETS.BLOG)

... This week, on short notice, state lawmakers approved $753 million in bonding for the Ohio River Bridges project, which they hope to fund partly with tolls. The bonds were rated BBB, just barely investment grade. The project also expects to receive a $452 million federal TIFIA loan, according to Business First in Louisville.

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