Saturday, May 04, 2013

Down with the NCAA? Sounds wonderful to me.

Even if you buy the bilge water of collegiate amateurism, and I surely don't, you should be in favor of dismantling the NCAA -- which does more to enhance the hypocrisy than end it. Dow, down, down. As fast as possible.

The Lawsuit That Could Bring Down the NCAA, by Jonathan Mahler (Bloomberg)

The storm that’s slowly rolling toward Indianapolis quietly gained strength this week with the filing of several devastating documents in a federal court in California. If it stays on course, it’s going to hit with biblical force, reducing the National Collegiate Athletic Association to a heap of rubble.

This storm is also known as O’Bannon v. NCAA. It’s an antitrust lawsuit filed in 2009 by former UCLA All-American basketball player Ed O’Bannon and a handful of other ex-college athletes, who don’t think the NCAA should be profiting from their names and images without sharing the royalty payments.

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