Thursday, March 14, 2013

Curt chronicles the most chaotic bridges meeting ... ever.

On Wednesday night, another well-attended meeting was held in Utica. Curt's description of disorganization and poor meeting planning is just another brick in Kerry Stemler's pro-tolls wall. If one is willing to divide the metro area by imposing an Eisenhower-era "solution" to contemporary mobility problems for the sole benefit of his fellow oligarchs, does one really care about the status of degraded plebeians? Let 'em eat Rally's, b'gosh.

Curtis Morrison: WVB East End Partners host, fumble most chaotic bridges meeting … ever, by Curtis Morrison (Insider Louisville)

After a decade of public meetings and forums, you’d think all the kinks in how to conduct a public meeting on the Ohio River Bridges Project would be worked out, right?


Tuesday night, about 300 people stormed into the lobby of the Springdale Community Church, a space which could accommodate about 50 comfortably.

WMV East End Partners, the consortium of three companies contracted to build, operate, and maintain the East End Bridge for 35 years, was the primary host.

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