Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Who, Quadrophenia and "13 essential Keith Moon moments."

The Who is coming to Yum on February 16, playing the album Quadrophenia in its entirety. Tickets already are in my possession. Since this is my favorite work by the Who, there was no way I'd miss what might be the final chance to see Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey perform live as the Who.

Through the immediacy of YouTube, it is possible to view clever video tributes to drummer Keith Moon ("Bell Boy," above) and bassist John Entwistle (on "5:15). They're a nice touch, indeed.

Moonie remains a hero from my forgotten days of youth, and it is staggering to realize that he's been gone for 34 years. Here's a solid appreciation from 2008.

13 essential Keith Moon moments, by Ed Masley (The Arizona Republic)

He was the greatest drummer rock and roll will ever see, a madcap force of nature whose attention-grabbing antics rarely held him back from landing on the beat -- even when tumbling his way through any number of the most chaotic, most exuberant drum fills in the history of rock.

Keith Moon was 32 the day his self-destructive lifestyle got the better of him, 30 years ago this very weekend -- on Sept. 7.

Here's a look at some essential moments in the life a man whose proved, conclusively, that sometimes more is more.

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