Thursday, December 06, 2012

But every family needs cheap cigarettes, right?

I received a comment, and feeling all sprightly and journalistic, I set out to investigate.

"Well, it's almost a win - have you noticed the four newly installed faux 'windows' on the State Street side of the new Family Dollar store? Dark glass that stares back at you — almost as good as a window on the street scape. New Albany gentlemen walking past can check to see if their neck ties are straight. Thanks Family Dollar!"

Let's not be so cynical. Aren't cheap toys and "low price" cigarettes what we all need for the holidaze?

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Unknown said...

I like that the building has a bit more urban feel by being next to the street, not offset from the street, even though it was done because of constraints of the site, not done intentionally. One of my biggest pet peeves is there is a sidewalk in front of the store that reaches to about four feet from the public sidewalk, and they did not connect them. I am not sure why the city did not make them connect it for walkers or people in wheelchairs.