Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tribune visits Connor's Place during last night's grand opening gala.

The Tribune was there last night:

Drink scene spills south from Market Street, by Eric Scott Campbell.

Connor’s Place, a bar catering to the pub-grub-and-patio crowd, opened its doors Monday evening next to the Parthenon at Main and Bank streets. Owner and father Dave Himmel leased and renovated the historic Maytag building after selling his stake in the neighboring Bistro New Albany last winter.

It was a good crowd and much fun last evening. Best of luck to the Himmels.


antzman said...

Congratulations Dave! You have done an excellent job renovating the old building and turning it into a great new downtown destination. I wish you nothing but good luck.

connorman said...

Thanks for the kind words Looking forward to your next visit.Sincerely, Dave.