Sunday, December 21, 2008

Potential for "Marxist" public art?

I've been trying for weeks to explain the vision that keeps coming to me when I look across the parking lot from the future Bank Street Brewhouse to the newly remodeled and admirably re-humanized building that now houses the Schad, Palmer & Schad law firm. It's those two new windows on the side facing west that do it to me every time. Here's an effort to convey the vision of public art dancing in my head:

Yeah -- the one-way sign is right in the cigar's flight path.

No disrespect intended to my friends at the law office!


lawguy said...

Please be advised you are not permitted to use the Schad & Palmer building's likeness without first paying a proper license & fee...hahaha. Just kidding.

My first thought was that you remind me of the famous artist Christo, who used to wrap buildings, bridges and other structures in fabric.

My other thought was that I'm not sure an oversized Marxist art exhibit would fly with the Historical Society...or the rest of the readers of your blog. Ha!

Jeff Gillenwater said...

If you're willing to do it, I'll pay for your COA application with the Historic Preservation Commission. I bet it would be approved.

If you really want to go for it, you could commission a steam installation similar to the one at 21C. Groucho could blow smoke rings.

B.W. Smith said...

Just for the record - the Floyd County Historical Society and the New Albany Historic Preservation Commission are not the same thing. Lawguy's building is not in a district, so it doesn't require a COA. No one can stop him from going Marxist!