Monday, November 06, 2006

Scribner Place groundbreaking this morning -- BTW, has anyone seen CM Coffey lately?

It’s groundbreaking day for the Scribner Place project, and the senior editor will be there to snap a few photos. These will appear below later today.

The official ceremony takes place at 11:00 a.m. at the corner of State and Main. It was previewed yesterday in the Tribune:

Scribner Place celebration at hand; Projections: Foundation in March, steel up in May, by Eric Scott Campbell (News and Tribune).

After the shovels are wiped off, visible changes are expected from month to month, (redevelopment director John) Rosenbarger said. Foundation walls are due up in March, according to (the contractor) Stevens’ projections, and a steel skeleton could be in place by May.

We’ll be watching to see if Councilman Cappuccino sets up shop on the opposite corner and convenes the council’s dulcet-toned obstructionist barbershop quartet, the The Gang's Gong of Four, to sing a stirring rendition of their golden classic hit, “We Hate the Sort of People Who’ll Be Coming Here (And We Wish They’d Leave Us to Our Squalor).”

And, for the completists, another jaundiced view of Scribner Place can be found at the mist-enshrouded Fantasy Island U. by visiting the non-existent professor Denhart at Dork ‘n’ Mindy.

Don't forget that many people worked long and hard for us to arrive at this point, and they deserve thanks.


Jeff Gillenwater said...

And to balance the positive news, St. Marks chose this morning to tear down the former bank building at Spring and Bank.

Sloburn said...

Awsome just what N.A. needed another empty lot.

EsquireNA said...

And to think about all the money that St. Marks passed up to sell that building. Sheesh.......

The New Albanian said...

EsquireNA ... thanks for your thoughts. There'll be more on the bank building demolition later this week, including some photos and links to past articles at NAC.

In the meantime, welcome, and be aware that we have a policy governing the use of pseudonyms and screen names. The senior editor (that's me) needs to be informed of your identity. It will be kept confidential if you so desire. Use my profile e-mail address. Thanks.