Monday, December 13, 2004

History at 13th and Oak in New Albany

The Cardinal Ritter house is on the southwest corner of 13th and Oak, only two short blocks away from where I live on Spring Street.

From the web site documenting the house's history and current renovation:

"The house saw a generation of Ritter children grow up to be three doctors, a nun, a businessman, and, of course, the youngest (and only Hoosier) Cardinal in Catholic church history."

Here's the site:

Interestingly, across the street on the northeast corner of 13th and Oak, once stood the house where a favorite customer of mine ran the Street Level coffee house from 1977 through 1980. Until recently, I didn't know it existed. There's a brief memorial and photos here:


Brandon W. Smith said...

We need a nice street-level coffee house...perhaps within walking distance of Destinations. There is a nice new cafe in Floyds Knobs, next to Arni's Pizza, but that is a quite a walk from the book store and well out of stumbling distance from the NABC.

edward parish said...

This guy that comes to the Publik House, he still roast his own beans at home? I met a guy in there one night who told me his brother does bean roasting at home. Wonder if this is Needham?

The New Albanian said...

Yes, it's Ed Needham, known by many as the coffee guy.

Perhaps he can be lured into reviving his concept ...

Brandon W. Smith said...

I'd drink coffee there (and especially good tea, if he had it). A 1st-rate bookstore, brewery, and coffee house all in New Albany would be SCANDALOUS! Let the green and gold fly! (colors of New Albany city flag)