Thursday, August 18, 2016

Council to consider revised noise ordinance: Paving the way for randomly scattered "noise traps," or non-enforcement according to the New Albanian norm?

Big noise on one-way Spring -- will Irv flick his Bic?

To reiterate past news, I'd love to be able to take the twice-monthly council packet and cut 'n' paste with text, but it is available only as a .pdf, so this is the best I can do.

Tonight's marquee item is a revised noise ordinance, to be introduced by at-large councilmen Knable and Barksdale.

Here's a look-see. If you're a believer, please pray that some day, city communications will catch up to the Year of Our Gahan 2016.


Iamhoosier said...

While no where near an expert, I believe the use of PDF for ordinances and such is due to the exact reason you can't cut and paste. PDF has protections that can be set to allow only those authorized to make edits. Or something like that.

Teresa said...

What good does any noise ordinance do if the mayor refuses to allow it to be enforced? The Sojourn Church at the corner of Silver and Ekin has for four and a half years emitted a high-pitched squeal in all but the winter months. People who live in the area and visitors to the national cemetery have their ears assaulted by the constant screech from the church. Why is that church immune to the noise ordinance we already have? It perfectly describes the nuisance noise their a/c unit makes and says it violates the ordinance.

The church officials, who have been quite rude to people who have talked to them, choose not to spend money to repair their air conditioning unit. This problem is the responsibility of the Building Commissioner, and he promised (numerous times) to do something about it. Eventually he had an underling call to tell me he had no authority. Who told him to lay off? Who is his boss?

The New Albanian said...

I understand, although it is possible to to read-only text.

Randy Smith said...

I have software to strip open a .pdf.