Thursday, April 14, 2016

A curmudgeon's video treat: Why I Hate the Sixties.

Near the end, a contributor explains the notion of arrogance as component of the decade's excesses. In New Gahania, we understand arrogance quite well. It defines our daily experience here, and often conjures Engelbert Humperdinck songs.

This video will prompt disagreement and discussion, and my curmudgeonly side appreciates the snark. The accumulated effects of an hour's testimony culminate in the closing sequence, which reminds me of a very similar cinematic ending from a movie ... released in the 1960s.

"The myth of the 60s was created before the decade was out. But what we have lived with ever since is a mirage, a mass hallucination, a fantasy. Why I Hate the Sixties examines the truth behind the myth. It suggests that we were living on borrowed time - we partied as Britain lost an empire and slid into unchecked industrial decline. Archive footage and contributors of all political stripes build the case against the decade."

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