Wednesday, January 06, 2016

We will infer that Bread and Breakfast is closed for good.

There have been rumors for weeks, and numerous accompanying attempts to interpret tea leaves social media hints, so perhaps apart from a definitive announcement -- accepting an empty storefront as sufficient evidence -- we finally can acknowledge that Bread and Breakfast is no more.

I wish the very best to Laura, wherever she is, and whatever she plans on doing. It's simply impossible not to like her and to root for her.

However, as gently as possible, and coming from someone who has his own problems letting go ... and for whom life sometimes has gotten in the way ... permit me to suggest to food and drink operators that you cannot ever provide too much information.

If you intend to assemble an extended group of supporters via the medium of social media, then this in informational prerequisite applies in the good times and the bad. Don't leave them hanging. As indies, we need to exceed norms. We lose to chain-think because of a perceived absence of professionalism.

I'm saying not because any of it impacts me personally, but because yesterday, while walking to Quills for coffee, I spoke briefly with a man who was peering forlornly into the former Bread and Breakfast space. I stopped and told him that my best guess was Bread and Breakfast would not be coming back, although I didn't know for sure.

"It would have been nice to know that before I drove all the way here," he said. 

Yes: If you're no longer in business, then incidents like this can't hurt you. Obviously, you're suffering already, because letting go of your creation is painful enough. Trust me, I have an intimate understanding of this.

And yet, this fellow might not bother returning to New Albany at all. Maybe all the cafe regulars were savvy to what was happening, but that's no help to the casual walk-ups or a man like the one I met, who made a special trip to New Albany.

To repeat: All the best to Laura. You have mad talents, and I hope you're able to succeed in "next."

Meanwhile, reinforcements are on the way:

Adrienne & Co. is coming soon to 133 East Market Street, which remains one-way.

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