Sunday, January 03, 2016

We had a good lunch at the Red Dragon Pub.

On Saturday morning, I found myself suffering from a strange malady with symptoms not unlike a hangover.

Nah, couldn't be.

Lacking access to state-of-the-art IV-drip/oxygen/vitamin "cures" -- bizarrely unapproved by my insurer, and anyway, it couldn't have been an actual hangover, simply couldn't -- I decided on a walk with the missus in the sunshine and light chill, and in conjunction with a single origin espresso at Quills, this provided welcomed relief.

We were hungry, and decided to try the Red Dragon Pub, recently opened and flying below the radar at 145 E. Main (between Pearl and Bank). The all-ages dining area is the space formerly occupied by Cafe 27. The bar area had a brief life in 2014 as Devil's Rock, though it should be stressed that the interiors have been redone, and are connected by a doorway.

It's an establishment even Dan Coffey could live with, if he cared about downtown.

We shared an Ulster Breakfast and a fried oyster, clams and shrimp entree. These were well prepared, and the pricing is appropriate for the reasonable portions. The entire menu can be viewed at the Red Dragon Pub's Fb page, and there's something there for everyone, ranging from prime rib and pizza to bangers & mash and beef stroganoff.

Beer preview: No draft yet, and limited bottles. Our server said the word "light" quite a few times, with Boddington's and Samuel Adams being perhaps the only "exceptional" choices. However, it's early in the game, and hope springs eternal. I'm available as a consultant, you know, and am eager to work for rolled oysters ... which also are on the menu.

Next time, I plan to eat in the bar, order one of  the more oblique menu items (gołąbki, eh?), and have a Sammy. Until then, if you go, let us know how it went.

Red Dragon Pub is very responsive on Fb thus far, and you can check there for further updates.

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