Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"VOTING to change a city seal? In Nawbony it's done by administrative fiat."

Remember that time when the people of New Albany voted to change the city's seal?

You don't remember?

That's only because it didn't happen.

City Hall's resident Sellersburgian functionary wanted a visual "branding" marker more in keeping with Pillsbury's ignominious departure than the forward progress denoted by a moving steamboat, and so overnight, we embraced the imagery of anchor-in-mud-flats.

Evidently metaphor is not a concept taught during Charles Atlas' economic dishevelment correspondence course. Let's rewind the film to April, 2015 ...

Seals, branding mechanisms and a city anchored into place by sheer dullness of bureaucratic intent.

City Hall don't Google: Just look at all these anchor seals and logos and brands.

Branding mud-struck: Why did the city of New Albany steal Anchor Brewing's seal?

As McLaughlin dozes, Coffey expresses his dislike of fuddy-duddy steamboat seal-bearing visitors.

Thanks to the Bookseller for pointing to this article and providing the title of the post.

I'm Loving It! (TPB)

In a highly proud day for the State of New York, the village of Whitesboro, New York has voted to retain the village seal which appears to show a white man throttling or chocking an Indian. As I said, a proud moment, though village resident Scott Hastings, makes clear that he won't be pushed around. "Political correctness, who cares? This is our village, who cares what the world thinks? I want to see this settled today. Once and for all."

But part of me wonders whether this isn't a more appropriate or at least more historically accurate way of representing the country's and perhaps this village's origins ...


Iamhoosier said...

I'm certainly no art critic but that design, in no way, is a good one. "Amateur" comes to mind. It's bad enough that we didn't even have a citywide discussion but what they chose to use is pitiful.

TSOLfan said...

I like to think of it as Mr. Yuk with a mustache and bindi.