Sunday, January 03, 2016

The lucrativeness of (failed) consultancy: "Muncie regional cities effort cost $160K-plus."

The Green Mouse received a text the other day.

Here's a Regional Cities Initiative hangover to contemplate. Muncie hired consultants and paid $160K for nothing. I'll give Wendy Dant-Chesser this; at least she spearheaded it herself. $160K bucks gone and nothing to show for it; sounds like New Albany.

Previously, we tossed a sideways glance (as well as our cookies) at the RCI lottery champs.

Merciful closure for 1Si as three (!) Indiana Regional Cities Initiative lottery winners are announced.

There'll be chickens in every pot, and the wine will flow like water, or at least Bud Light Lime. Fatted calves will be rendered onto veal, etc, and so forth.

Damn -- $160K? You could buy 15% of a Bicentennial Park for that much.

Wait ... we already did.

Muncie regional cities effort cost $160K-plus, by Keith Roysdon (Indy Star)

 ... The Star Press has learned that the East Central regional effort cost $161,100. That figure was released Wednesday by local economic development officials in response to questions from The Star Press.

Costs covered the expense of organizing public and private meetings this spring and summer to formulate the proposal for funding, which included not only Delaware County but Madison County and others in East Central Indiana, as well as production and submission of East Central’s 134-page proposal and other expenses.

Most of the $161,100 went to Ninigret Partners, a Rhode Island-based “boutique economic design firm,” which was paid $146,000.

Another $6,500 went to planningNEXT, a Columbus, Ohio-based consultant.

Muncie wouldn't happen to need an economic dishevelment selector, would it?

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